At Only Summer Shop, we offer handmade furniture, lamps, and heart crafted accessories from all over the world.

“All products come from artists and small craftsmen shops who dedicated their lives to create beautiful and unique pieces of art.”

Away from mass production, our furniture and accessories have hours of inspiration, endless exploration and pure joy. The products merge quality with a timeless design and can be combined with every furniture collection without interrupting the flair.

The Only Summer Shop gives the opportunity to buy these objects and help the familiar business to grow and continue with their passion.

Our artists express with their hands what they feel to enrich not only your interior but your life. Inspiring designers, dedicated artists, passionate craftsmen, and small family workshops invested years of training and experience to become specialists in their field of art to offer you masterpieces from every part of the World.

If you buy at our shop, you will help to secure traditional ways of crafting, which would be lost otherwise. These goods are not only crafted by hand but created with heart.

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